Re-elect Christopher Taylor Democrat for Mayor Ann Arbor resist Trump's white nationalist agenda

Resist Trump’s White Nationalist, Anti-Science Agenda

People will often observe that we live in difficult times; in complicated times. This is true, but it is not complete. We, I believe, live in shameful times. We live in times when the president and his advisors and supporters spew and defend racist vulgarities. We live in times when the president and his supporters wage active and ongoing attacks on science, when the president and his party can support a credibly accused pederast for Senate, when truth and language itself are under constant attack. These men in the White House and those who collaborate with them, pollute our national honor and do active and enduring harm to us as a people and a nation. Only when America and Americans recognize this stain, when we know to look with shame upon these men today and this legacy of racism and division with shame, only then will we as a country be on the long road to redemption.

To respond to national currents, Ann Arborites have raised our voices and marched. We have joined protesters throughout the country in the coordinated Women’s March and Science March. We have marched to affirm and declare our unwavering support for immigrants and families within our community -- our beloved friends, neighbors, and colleagues -- who are at risk of seizure and senseless deportation. I am often proud of the work and values of our community, but during these peaceful and powerful protests I have seen Ann Arbor at its best.

In City Hall, these national issues do not often arise, but the Council has declared Ann Arbor a “Welcoming City” and has passed several resolutions and an ordinance inspired by the ACLU Freedom City Action Guide. These policies and rules ensure that we do not inquire into or retain immigration information, that local resources are used to enforce local and state laws only, that ICE detainer requests are denied, and that AAPD and City staff’s relationships with immigrant communities remain strong.

We’re far from perfect in Ann Arbor, but we are a community that values pluralism, that welcomes and embraces people of all kinds, no matter race or ethnicity, nation of origin, religion or its absence, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability. We know that these differences can and ought to strengthen us in good times and in bad. In short, we in Ann Arbor have faith in a common future and love for our neighbor and we will not give up on either.

I have, and will, stand up for Ann Arbor values and speak out against Trumpism, in all its forms. You can count on it.