Re-elect Christopher Taylor Democrat for Mayor Ann Arbor Pedestrian safety

Improve and Expand Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety, Infrastructure, and Enforcement

Our transportation infrastructure is decades old and designed to support automobile transport. Cars remain, of course, a critical part of our transportation system, but they no longer have primacy of place. Pedestrian safety has been a subject of extensive conversation and focus for years.

In October 2015, City Council received and adopted the Citizen’s Pedestrian Safety & Access Task Force Report, which provides a series of recommendations regarding crosswalks, sidewalks, snow-removal, Complete Streets implementation, education, and enforcement. The implementation of these proposals will take time and resources, some of which we have obtained by revising authorized uses for the 2017 Street, Bridge, and Sidewalk Millage.

We are expanding funding sources for pedestrian safety. With the Fairness Rebate from the County Millage, however, we will now have an addition $450K+ per year to build and improve pedestrian and non-motorized infrastructure. Using these monies, and our regular street-improvement dollars, we need to maintain and expand our bike-lane network, improve street light infrastructure, close sidewalk gaps, finalize neighborhood school-related improvements, and heighten traffic enforcement.

In January 2017, I put forward a number of nominations for a new citizen advisory body, the Transportation Commission, to provide important community guidance and leadership. We have road design professionals on Staff and so in addition to seeking community members with engineer expertise, I chose pedestrian and cycling advocates. I’m excited by the work performed by the Committee and am eager to see what innovations and advice they bring to us.